Evolving from it's humble beginnings in a 2500 square foot facility in 1989, Cantec Manufacturing now occupies 24,000 square feet with capacity to expand. The well maintained facility provides the skilled tradesmen with a work environment that fosters the high quality products our customers have come to expect.

A Message from Karl Straker - President of Cantec Manufacturing Inc.

As president and founder of Cantec Manufacturing, I would like to welcome you to our website.

Cantec Manufacturing offers a wide variety of products that serve the Oil, Automotive, Petroleum, and Manufacturing industries. Cantec is a major supplier to manufacturers of top drives for deep hole drilling, oil field equipment.

At Cantec Manufacturing, we constantly strive to achieve products that are unsurpassed in quality and performance, backed with outstanding service, support, and value. We have created a stimulating and challenging work environment that rewards, encourages, and develops excellence. Cantec's employees pride themselves in our extensive certification programs and rigid quality control processes. We have long realized that the key to success is client satisfaction, and we can serve our clients with integrity and pride.

We will continue to meet the needs of these industries as well as yours.

Karl Straker
Cantec Manufacturing

From it's convenient location in Cambridge, Ontario, Cantec is able to effectively service a significant customer base. Providing specialized products to suit each customers needs, whether the quantity is one or thousands, Cantec Manufacturing is able to provide on time quality for the most exacting clientele.

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